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KÖY launched by Siyahkalem with the partnership of Emlak Konut REİT in Zekeriyakoy within a space of 467 thousand square meters to entail 1,167 residences and an area of 15,000 square meters commercial& retail space has currently an investment value of 1.3 billion TL.

KÖY Zekeriyaköy project included a variety of residences ranging from small apartments to villas with swimming pools. Toner designed the common spaces, interiors of the apartments and the retail office, while English firm Hopkins Architects undertook the master planning.

The project has lots of social activity, school, shopping venues, playgrounds, sports complexes, swimming pools, gardens and green spaces, parking, and all the security measures that are needed to ensure the security of the residents 24/7.


Address: Zekeriyaköy Mahallesi, Zekeriyaköy Caddesi,Sarıyer/İstanbul
  • Country: Turkey
  • Province / State: Istanbul
  • City / Town: Sarıyer
  • Postal code / ZIP: 34450
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Apartment’s type 1. 1 Bedroom Simplex 2. 2 Bedrooms Simplex 3. 2 Bedrooms Duplex 4. 3 Bedrooms Duplex Apartment units have gross areas between 76 m2 and 212 m2 and promise the residents a life of comfort and peace, embracing all tones of green.

  • Size 212 m2
  • Bedrooms 3
  • Bathrooms 3

Double duplex houses type 3 Bedrooms Simplex 4 Bedrooms Simplex 3 Bedrooms Duplex 4 Bedrooms Duplex The double duplex units have gross areas between 194 m 2 and 215 m 2 and all have underground parking spaces for 2 cars. These units are presented in 3 different types. 1. Simplex The simplex units have 3BR and 4BR options. These units entail different sizes of gardens that can be accessed from the living room and the kitchen. 4BR ground simplexes have two gardens that can be accessed from the kitchen and one of the bedrooms. 2. Garden Duplex Garden Duplexes have two gardens in the front and rear facades of the block that are accessed through kitchen and living room. 3. Terrace Duplex 3BR terrace duplexes with a 16 m 2 roof terrace provide views of the surrounding forests.

  • Size 215 m2
  • Bedrooms 4
  • Bathrooms 4

Twin houses type 4 Bedrooms With a 334 m2 gross area and underground parking lots, these houses offer the comfort of luxury living with their 20 m2 roof terrace, spacious gardens, back yard patios and in-house elevator.

  • Size 334 m2
  • Bedrooms 4
  • Bathrooms 4

Villas type VILLAS The villas with 4BR and 5BR options have gross areas of 335 m² and 623 m². Both villa types have smart home features. The 4BR villa, with 27 m² roof terrace, front and side garden areas, in-house elevator, housekeeper room and single-car closed parking lot, offers you the comfort you have always dreamed of. 5BR villas have extensive garden spaces, 87 m² roof terrace, in-house elevator, housekeeper room and a 184 m², underground parking lot to match your luxury standards.

  • Size 623 m2

Detached villas type 6 Bedrooms Detached villas with 690 m2 gross area and a 123 m2 closed parking lot not only offer you a expanded living space but also high standards of luxury with a private pool, elevator, spacious gardens, 100 m2 roof terrace and smart home systems.

  • Size 690 m2
  • Bedrooms 6
  • Bathrooms 6

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