Turkey’s Lycian Way awaits adventurers

Footpath stretching hundreds of kilometers offers glimpse of an ancient civilization, breathtaking scenery When tourism and Turkey are mentioned together, one might think about the country’s countless blue-flagged beaches and ancient sites, but it is also home to one of the world’s longest footpaths — the Lycian Way.  The Lycian Way, named after the ancient […]

Ancient city Kilistra home to fairy chimneys

The ancient city of Kilistra, located on the historic King Road in the central Anatolian province of Konya, is drawing attention for its conical rock formations which resemble “fairy chimneys” found in Cappadocia. Like Cappadocia, the ancient city was home to Christian communities and historical buildings, including a cross-planned chapel, hyacinth church, large water cistern, churches, monasteries, watchtowers, shelters and ancient roads. The remains of […]

Sweet-smelling flowers of Isparta lure tourists

The southwestern province of Isparta boasts some of the most beautiful floral scents in the world, courtesy of its famous rose gardens and fields of lilies and lavender that lure tourists to the city, where visitors can experience rose season from spring until summer Known for its beautiful roses, the Turkish city of Isparta is […]

Expat job hunt: How to find jobs in Turkey

Moving to a new country and starting from scratch is never easy, but the hardest part is finding a job, which can be challenging but manageable with a little help It is a hard task to start a new life abroad and even harder to find a job to sustain yourself in a country where […]

Sivas ‘hobbit houses’ a springtime attraction for tourists

With spring in the air, the Hobbit Houses in Central Anatolian’s Sivas have started to attract tourists from all around the world. The houses are inspired by the Hobbit holes depicted in the acclaimed film series, “The Lord of The Rings.” Built on a hillside, the houses in Sivas look exactly like those in the […]

Expat events: Music, sports, food and more

The most colorful season of the year is officially upon us and therefore there is every reason and more to open up your door to new experiences in the city. This weekend alone, there are activities and events catering to a wide variety of interests and each are either focused on, geared to, organized or […]

Yıldız Mountain Ski Resort becoming new haunt for sportsmen

When the subject of vacations is discussed, generally the trio of sea, sand and sun comes to the mind. However, there are also some people who like cold weather. For those who love white fluffy snow, winter is the best time to enjoy a holiday through various activities, with skiing and snowboarding topping the list. […]

10 Best Things To Do In Izmir, Turkey: Journey To The Aegean Heart

Old mosques and churches, the 18th-century market, combine with broad boulevards, modern buildings, and shopping centers dotted with traditional red-tiled roofs. Izmir is a metropolitan city with a Mediterranean atmosphere. You can reach Izmir by any type of transportation from buses, trains, boats, and airplanes. It is also a base hub for holiday cruises in […]

Nearly 1M tourists visit Turkey for health tourism

Turkey attracted nearly 1 million people for health tourism in 2018, said an industry official on Tuesday. “Thermal tourism contributes to Turkey’s economy with healing waters, as well as seas, rivers and lakes,” Yavuz Yilik, head of the Thermal Health and Tourism Association (TESTUD), told Anadolu Agency. Yilik stressed that Turkey is one of the […]

2019 to see 300 pct rise in Indian weddings in Turkey

India’s wedding organizers predict a 300-percent rise in Indian weddings held in Turkey this year, Turkish culture and tourism minister said on Friday.  Mehmet Nuri Ersoy met representatives from Turkish tourism industry and civil society in an event at the Chamber of Commerce in Bodrum, a touristic town of Mugla in the Aegean coast of […]