Sivas ‘hobbit houses’ a springtime attraction for tourists

Sivas ‘hobbit houses’ a springtime attraction for tourists

With spring in the air, the Hobbit Houses in Central Anatolian’s Sivas have started to attract tourists from all around the world.

The houses are inspired by the Hobbit holes depicted in the acclaimed film series, “The Lord of The Rings.”

Built on a hillside, the houses in Sivas look exactly like those in the films and are frequently visited by tourists, especially from Russia and Ukraine.

Located some 7 kilometers from the city center, the authentic houses are covered with green ivies, making them more suited to “Middle Earth.” The houses are managed by a private company. They feature a kitchen, a living area, a master bedroom and bathroom.

“This is one of the most important tourist attractions in Sivas,” said Nail Sertakan, general manager of the company that runs the hobbit houses. “The houses are a part of the hill, making them a part of nature. It is a privilege to enjoy the surrounding natural beauties from within these houses.” Currently, there are 23 hobbit houses in Sivas. Due to huge demand, the management is taking advance reservations. If you want to spend a special day in the hobbit houses, the management also takes care of all the preparations.

“People from outer provinces as well as other countries are making reservations. Currently, Russians and Ukrainians are making the most reservations. We are also making new complexes so that visitors can have a great time here. Once all the construction is done, the atmosphere here will be even more beautiful,” said Sertakan.


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