Yıldız Mountain Ski Resort becoming new haunt for sportsmen

Yıldız Mountain Ski Resort becoming new haunt for sportsmen

When the subject of vacations is discussed, generally the trio of sea, sand and sun comes to the mind. However, there are also some people who like cold weather. For those who love white fluffy snow, winter is the best time to enjoy a holiday through various activities, with skiing and snowboarding topping the list.

One can find world-class ski resorts in Europe, across France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany and Sweden. But did you know there are many other great destinations to spend your holiday outside of Europe? Canada, the U.S., Japan and even New Zealand are among them. If you look beyond Europe, you will also discover that Turkey is a perfect winter holiday destination. It both welcomes ski lovers with its interesting ski resorts and tracks and is also very close to Europe.

Uludağ Ski Resort, Kartalkaya Ski Resort, Kartepe Ski Resort, Palandöken Ski Resort and Yıldız Mountain Ski Resort are prominent ski centers in the country. Yıldız Mountain Ski Resort in Sivas province has been welcoming winter sports lovers since 2010. Although it is a relatively new center, it has been improved in terms of winter activities.

The ski resort, located on the Yıldız Mountain in the north of Sivas province at an altitude of 2,552 meters, is made up of gabbro type rocks. In the upper part of the mountain, which is 58 kilometers away from the city center, there are endemic plants and a large forest, especially on the western outskirts.

The center is one of the most important ski resorts in Turkey with its slope, height and different tracks and a candidate to be the new haunt of local and foreign tourists. The tracks comply with the parameters of the ski slopes of the International Ski Federation. The center has technical features that can used by large groups.

For example, it will also host national snowboard competitions this weekend. Some 149 sportsmen from 12 cities will attend this competition. Talking about this competition Siva Governor Salih Ayhan told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the center’s substructure will be strengthened soon, and the center will host more competitions.

This competition demonstrates how much the center has developed in a short time. Even if it has only seen five seasons to date, its opportunities for sportsmen, ski lovers and holidaymakers are really good. It is especially one of the best options for holidays that you will have with your family. Opportunities, such as accommodation, easy transportation, different tracks, nice cafes and restaurants, are the main reasons the resort is preferred by winter enthusiasts. However, the best thing about the ski center is its prices. When you compared it with many other ski resorts, you will understand why you should prefer it for family holidays.


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