Turkey’s house sales to foreigners up 81 percent in January

Turkey’s house sales to foreigners up 81 percent in January

Turkish real estate sales to foreign buyers, which enjoyed a buoyant 2018 supported by private sector campaigns and legal amendments, has maintained its pace and saw an all-time monthly high in the first month of this year.

House sales to foreigners skyrocketed by 81.9 percent year-on-year in January to 3,168. The same figure stood at 1,742 in the same month last year.

Istanbul was the top choice for foreign buyers in January as 1,361 residential properties were sold in the country’s largest city, followed by the holiday resort city Antalya with 601, the capital Ankara with 182, Bursa with 177 and Yalova with 162.

Iraqi citizens, which bought around 8,205 houses last year, again led the way among nations and purchased 605 houses in Turkey in January. Property sales to Iraqis in the same month of last year stood at 272.

Iraqi citizens were followed by Iranian, Russian, Afghan and Jordanian nationals with 305, 195, 191 and 151 house sales, respectively, the data showed.

When the top 10 nations purchasing the most residential properties are examined, Iranians saw the highest increase compared to the same month of the previous year with 267 percent. Iranians were followed by Palestinians with 222 percent and Iraqis with 122 percent. In the mentioned period, house sales to Saudis decreased by 33 percent.


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